J.D. Hollis

The Consulting CTO

J.D. Hollis is a designer and engineer with over 15 years of experience creating digital products and platforms. For the past 3 years, he has been helping early stage startups launch at scale with cloud-native architecture and strong DevOps practices. Now, he has joined AWS Professional Services as a Senior Customer Delivery Architect to do the same for enterprise clients.

You can also find him on GitHub, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

After our first few meetings, it was clear that J.D. was the right person to architect the infrastructure for NuID. Our work together substantiated one of J.D.’s earliest claims to me: “I will be a force multiplier.”

NuID needed cloud-native infrastructure and a matching CI/CD process. That's precisely what we got.

It is difficult in systems projects to preemptively establish requirements and boundaries. The complex and often opaque relationship between technology and its environment is underrepresented or entirely absent from otherwise thorough project plans.

J.D. handles it.

His expertise throughout the development, security, and operations lifecycles, along with his capacity for design, architecture, and communication, ensured our projects achieved their mandates in full.

J.D. is exactly who you want making the decisions you can’t.

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